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    1975 fall of South Vietnam

    • Jerri Berkley

      When President Nixon took office in 1969, there was heavy protestation to the Vietnam War. His gradual withdrawal of American troops led to the fall of Saigon and the fall of South Vietnam to Communist North Vietnam. While humiliating to the U.S., it created terror and despair for the South Vietnamese as they tried to evacuate the city as the VietCong marched to it.

    • Kathy Goins

      Our Vietnamese Hearts: The Diaspora 38 Years Later | Andrew Lam. 2013-04-28-Vietnamese refugees on US carrier Operation Frequent

    • Vicky Boese

      Vietnamese refugees on a US ship during Operation Frequrent Wind. Roughly 5,600 Vietnamese civilians would be evacuated by helicopter from Saigon between April 29-30, 1975.

    • Modern Muckrakers

      South Vietnamese refugees arrive on a U.S. Navy vessel during Operation Frequent Wind.

    • Coach's Corner

      File:Vietnamese refugees on US carrier, Operation Frequent Wind.jpg

    • Brooke Anderson

      Evacuees during Operation Frequent Wind

    • Concerned Citizen

      Operation Frequent Wind (photos)

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    1975 fall of South Vietnam

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