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    • Nini

      This is what my hands look like almost everyday . It's usually my spectrum noir markets that cover my fingers in various little lines of all colors , or paint or clay ! Love my art hands . I usually don't wash it off if its marker . It's like an artist tattoo lol

    • Naomi Francois

      This reminds me of art class #Art #Design #Inspiration #Paint #Hand

    • Fernanda Serrate

      an artist's manicure :) true...I never get my nails "done" because this is how my hands look most days :) #galaxy

    • Ruby Taylor

      an artist's manicure (reminds me of what my hands look like after hair color some days)

    • Yael Bronner Rubin

      Spray paint. Hand. Pink. Grey

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    .....At the end of a creative day. (I've been much worse after a day of dyeing. Evan's friends used to say, "Evan, your mother has BLUE FEET." He'd say, "Oh, she just dyed today."

    It's good to broaden horizons. If we only follow people we 100% agree with - what a boring, narrow-minded little Universe that would be.

    I choose to share my heart freely knowing if broken the universe will mend it. (Grateful me)

    Cloud Swing When I was little, I used to swing & sing the afternoons away. My mom told me that the neighbor said she loves hearing my little angelic voice sing Sunday School songs while she waters her plants. Hahaha! I should have serenaded her when I had the chance.. and the angelic voice! Ahaha!

    OMG - this almost made me cry when I saw it - truly amazing. (and I want the t-shirt and poster!)

    My hands have helped save lives. They've provided comfort and reassurance. They look good all dressed up or naked. They've applauded and offered peace. They help me express myself and they've fisted themselves in anger. They've been abused, cut, cracked and they've been pampered, kissed, and carried. I love my hands and story they tell.

    To dream that your skin is different color suggests that you are not being true to yourself. Purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, justice, wealth and dignity.

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    Reliquary Santon Hand Shrines by Colleen Baptista via Flickr. The hands are made of carved wood. After making the basic reliquary box ( no soldering just copper tape) the base is shaped from a piece of poster board and then covered in Apoxie clay. While the clay is still workable you can add beads or indent with other objects. Then you add the reliquary.