And, they will only do it if you let them !

Ooooo... Burn. Lol


Learn from the wrong people we've wasted time on... We can never get that time back. Trying to choose wisely is hard when you trust and try to see the good in everyone.


Love. I need to remember this.

Be the First

One of my favorite quotes ever!


Words to live by!

Great advice!!!

A wonderful lesson. Let's see each other in the present.

people suck


The little things are the most important

Great saying. i can think of a few people in my life to realize this about me.

Be one of those people - and soo true!

All my life people said I was a nothing and a nobody...this quote say's it all as to why I keep going!

This is so true.. to say it was a small part of my life seems like that's putting it lightly. Over thinking consumes you.

Absolutely ... so True !!! Thought this was common sense .Maybe not to some. That's why some people seem to never grow up and be cordial, hmm. Maybe they will get it !