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    Running to Lose Weight

    Running is often referred to as either a cardio or an aerobic exercise. Cardio exercises are the best types of exercise to lose weight as they burn the most calories as the increase in your body’s oxygen consumption helps to burn energy. Energy is provided by fat, carbohydrates and protein. There ar...
    • Vitaful

      Running Tips and Weight Loss Tips: Check out These 6 Essential Running Tips To Lose Weight and Blast Fat.

    • Anna Bassham

      There are several ways you can run to lose weight: Run at a constant pace for a set amount of time Interval training – where you do bursts of higher intensity To get the best results out of your running you need to work in your optimum training zone by using your heart rate. To find your Max Heart Rate (MHR) you do the following: 220 – your age = your MHR You should be looking to exercise at between 70-85% of your MHR. MHR x % intensity = target heart rate. #fitness #running #weightloss

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