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Couples alarm clock. Rings that you wear for separate wake up times. The rings vibrate to wake you but not your partner- seriously?


30+ useful (and cool) office gadgets you must have

30 useful (and cool) office gadgets you must have - seriously look at these!

Instaglasses is a concept by German Designer Markus Gerke. His design proposes the ability to take an Instagram picture directly from a pair of sunglasses. The eyewear gadget would incorporate greater functionality and popular technology into sunglasses in an even more seamless way. Users would simply press the Instagram icon on the front of the glasses, and change the filter by scrolling on the frames, posting instantly to Instagram without the need for a smartphone. WHAT.

eBayfrom eBay

Zone Tech Car Swivel Mount Holder Travel Drink Cup Coffee Table Stand Food Tray

Seriously though, why don't I have this?

This design aims to provide a non-lethal solution for defending your home when the security system and locks have failed. The weapon pulses an invisible laser that super-heats the surrounding air. The resulting plasma explosion delivers a swift kick to the intruder while electro magnetic waves induce temporary paralysis. Additionally, when the unit is turned on, an integrated camera and microphone feed to on off-site security center that will notify the police of an incident. Designer…

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Polaroid Z340 instant digital camera brings back memories

Polaroid Digital Camera... It's a digital camera that actually prints the picture immediately just like the old Polaroids! WANT!

The Photojojo Store!from The Photojojo Store!

Instax Mini 8 Camera

The Instax Mini 7s and Mini 25 Instant Cameras...make credit card-sized photos that develop instantly! "Little white wizards of when-ever-you-want-it-wallet-sized-love!" :-)

Disposable Hair Traps, I need'd seriously help preventing excessive problems with any possible drain clogging that be a result from nearly everytime when I wash my (really) thick hair!! heh