Experimentos de Ciencia en inglés

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

Khan Academy: Students can make use of our extensive video library, interactive challenges, and assessments from any computer with access to the web. Complete custom self-paced learning tool A dynamic system for getting help A custom profile, points, and badges to measure progress

Suggestions on bits of paper to help calm down will go in a jar.

Ideas for what to put in the basket

This site is great for Science Education. Sample of an "Atomic Attire" shirt featuring the element Helium. Website gives you strategies on how to organize this project in your classroom so that each student creates a unique wearable science fashion and tips for holding an "Atomic Attire Fashion Show"!

perceiving vs judging

Perodic Table project. Elements are made from a 1/2 page of paper. This is a project I did this last year with my 6th and 7th grade science students. It took us about a week, but by the end i think they really understood how the periodic table was organized.

great writing prompts from this site

Color science experiments. Fun way to explore with kids.

Udacity.com - free online interactive college courses

Here's a terrific post with directions and resources on how to introduce fractions using paper folding!

Chemical changes

Peep science

What kid doesn't like a fun "explosion"? This twist on the classic vinegar/baking soda reaction is a huge hit

Reading Bingo Card

equivalent fraction thinking map

Self portrait hand prints - dewestudio lesson


Science round-up