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If you are looking for a great game for elementary aged kids - this is a total family favorite!!!!

Children's Books about Countries Around the World

Travel the globe without leaving your living room with these great book series that take kids across the world!

Young adventurers can learn about the settling of America while enjoying activities like stitching a sampler, pitching horseshoes, making an almanac, churning butter, and more. Great fun for learning about the land of the free! If you'd like, choose one hands-on activities book to share among your children. Check out the upper-grammar and dialectic resources for options. 160 pages PB

Beautiful Feet Books "Story Hour" CDs from all eras of history. .....Great supplement to your History curriculum to make learning fun, exciting, and totally interesting for your kids !! Liberty's Kids: Complete Series: Jill Anderson (VI), Vincent Lee Alston, Carl Beck, Terry Berner, Robert Berry (VI), Pam Carter, Susie Collins, Jason Connery, Chip Cronkite, Pete Cronkite, John D'Arcy (IV), John Dittrick, Melissa Fahn, Sabi Dorr, Ben Einstein, Kenny Glen, Nils Haaland, Michael Hartig, Michael Horse, James John: Movies & TV