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different seasons | Review: ‘Apt Pupil’ from DIFFERENT SEASONS by Stephen King | War ...

Review: ‘Apt Pupil’ from DIFFERENT SEASONS by Stephen King

Stephen King's Different Seasons 1982 Contains; "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption," "Apt Pupil," "The Body," and "The Breathing Method". Film: Novellas Inspired the classic films; Stand By Me and Shawshank Redemption



Firestarter Author: Stephen King Innocence and beauty ignite with evil and terror. Subjects of a top-secret government experiment designed to produce extraordinary psychic powers have a daughter that the government wants back for their own insane ends.

This is the first Nicholas Sparks book I read. I'm not a fan of romance novels, but I'm a huge fan of Sparks' books!

The Wedding

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. You NEED to read this one after reading the Notebook. By far one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks books.

About what it was like to live with Paris...sounds good!

The Paris Wife

The Paris Wife - Paula McLain (excellent historical fiction from the point of view of Hemingway's first wife, Hadley.

HA. Even as a Penn State student this is funny

Ohio State Fans Kick Off Football Season With Horrible Shirt Mocking Penn State Victims

Cats are massive jerks.

Cats are massive jerks.

Funny pictures about Cats vs. Oh, and cool pics about Cats vs. Also, Cats vs.

I just started the sci-fi Lorien Legacies series, and really enjoying it. Kids from another planet are sent to Earth when their planet is destroyed. They are being pursued by the aliens who destroyed their planet. As they reach maturity the Loriens begin to discover their legacies, which will help to recover their planet and save ours.

I Am Number Four books by Pittacus Lore from The Lorien Legacies series.

A letter can make a difference<<it can inded    Ahahaha see what I did there^^^

A letter can make a difference

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Lucky One, The

Lucky One, The

In his book, bestselling author Nicholas Sparks tells the unforgettable story of a man whose brushes with death lead him to the love of his life.

Thank you, Hillsdale Public Library. Five points to Ravenclaw.

How to Fit Reading Into Your Schedule and Actually Finish the Books You Want to Read

I like big books and I cannot lie. No other book lover can deny. Beall - you should totally put this in your library! (it's from that song "i like big butts and i can not lie." just in case you didn't get the reference!

Kids in Cleveland these days... - Imgur

"Street Name" means something different in a Cleveland high-school / Street name not to be confused with street name.