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"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men; true nobility is being superior to your former self"

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Emotionally Potty Training Men Are The Biggest Waste of Time and Energy.

Be with a man who: 1. Who promises to give you laugh lines when you’re old 2. Who tells you he’s proud of you on a daily basis 3. Who puts your happiness on the same level as his 4. Who uses positive superlatives when describing your relationship Who uses “when” no “if” when talking about this future and how you fit it in

Amen! So true. I have the man in my grasp, but I wish he would smile. I'd feel a whole lot better if he would just smile... at me and with me.

this sounds so selfish and totally not for real love but I love it because I would be faithful to this amazing boy and I would do every little cute thing he wanted me to do too :)

Oh Yeah? Did all that and more - went without, sacrificed, made do, raised and nurtured his 2 children, kept the home fires burning while he socialised every night at the pub when the money and prestige kicked in. I took the kids to school, outings, church, picnics, movies events etc. by myself and then got kicked in the teeth after 20 years when he took off with a co-worker.

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that's fucking right. seriously. don't cheat. it brings only bad news and bad bitches around.