I need to remember this!

Everyday is a new beginning !!! Live life to the fullest..... Life's very short .....

46 Quotes From Reddit That Will Change Your Life For the Better: Words can move you, make you happier, and motivate you.

About today.

Love this quote! She saw every ending as a New Beginning! #quotes #women #inspiration (via TumbleOn)

moving on

I think this would be a great tattoo

Everyday motto! Don't stress, just live for today!

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I needed this today.

Be courageous! Let go, forgive and move forward

So true. But some people keep trying to read it while the other person doesn't even know we're the book is at. Move on

remember this :)

forgiving someone is easy

Stop worrying


Sorry Doesn't Make It Okay- Quotes about not being able to forgive. Wanting to forgive someone, but knowing it won't be the same. Ending a friendship quote.

Be the reason someone smiles today

Make today "someday."

move on.