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  • Brittani Arnold

    Never heard a truer quote. :) remember this next time you doubt a religion

  • Kelli Wilson

    Go Social Studies Go is a nice site developed by Kenneth Udhe, a social studies teacher in Michigan, for his students and the world. The site is divided into three main sections; U.S. History, World History, and World Religions. -Richard Byrne freetechnology4teachers

  • Sarah Lever

    Peace. Something humans fail. Christianity is a relationship with The Living God, not a religion. Religion is man trying to reach God, Christianity is God reaching down to man.

  • Allyson Abu-Hajar

    God is One! Having a faith isn't a superiority contest! It is a personal journey!! There are different paths to God, but the minute one starts to bash another's religion, shows that the basher has a weak faith! No one has the authority to make a claim that they are believers, while others aren't. Judgment is for God alone!

  • Totalbhakti Portal

    Spirituality is what that directly connects our soul with the God. It is an effective practice which has been considered as a true source to understand the power of God. But there are hundreds of religions that make us to forget that one spirituality.

  • Brighton Peace and Environment Centre

    If all religions teach peace, then why can't all religions achieve peace? Via "Uplifting and Inspiring" 25.3.14