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This photography creates questions in my head. Black and white, as an effect, usually means sadness, depression, and so forth. Did a girl die there? I like it, because it gives a complete mystery to the audience.

Cristina's Ideasfrom Cristina's Ideas

Black & White Photography: Part 3

If you combine black and white photography with reflections and then architecture I will forever by in love with the photo

when I was a little girl, I never dreamed of my happily ever after as a perfect wedding day, but the moment I am cooking and he turns up the music and spins me around our mug ridden kitchen.

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Fun & Creative Ideas for Beach Pictures

“Things are never as they seem. A person. A Mark. A statement. They are always deeper than we perceive, like walking in the ocean and suddenly dipping under the surface because the bottom has disappeared beneath your feet. The water appears shallow until you are suddenly flailing around beneath the surface, desperately searching for stable ground once again.” ― Kelseyleigh Reber

Flower shirt photo shoot that will be great to use on my daughter and granddaughter next time they give me flowers. LOL best be before my end.

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Top 10 Most Amazing Black And White Photos

when i was little it was my dream to ballerina. it never happened but theres still something so beautiful and graceful that captivates me