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Beiwe Festival The Sami People.....The Saami People the indigenous people of Finland, Norway, Sweden worship Beiwei, the Sun Goddess of fertility and sanity, who travels through the sky in a structure made from reindeer bones with her daughter Beiwei- Neia to herald back the greenery on which their reindeer feed.

the Sami people are one of the indigenous people of the northern Europe inhabiting Sapmi, which today encompasses parts of northern Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. The Sami people's best known livelihood is semi-nomadic reindeer-herding.

The Sami people, also spelled Sámi or Saami, are the indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic area of Sápmi, which today encompasses parts of far northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Kola Peninsula of Russia, and the border area between south and middle Sweden and Norway.

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In pictures: the reindeer herders

sami people, Norway

Inuit woman, the Inuit people occupy the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada, the United States and Russia.

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Jokkmokk Sámi market in Swedish Lapland – in pictures

A young Sami at the Jokkmokk Sami winter market in january 2013