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I KNOW that's happens ALL THE TIME! "hello, is anyone there?" its as bad as when the teen girl goes in the closet. THEY'LL CORNER YOU IDIOT!!!

I was thinking this the other day, that maybe I’m getting really good at not sweating the small stuff and have reached a certain level of wisdom and peace in my life. Then again, maybe I just don’t give a sh….

Bahaha...I definitely have said my wedding would have been so much cooler if pinterest had been around then...

if you were around me at work last year you would totally get this... I was nicknamed the glitter queen after helping the art teacher fancy up some of the student's artwork!!

Next time a stranger talks to me when I am alone, I will just look at him shocked and just whisper quietly "You can see me?"

Lauren's asleep. But I'm still watching The Goodnight Show, and singing along...