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    I miss this place

  • Ricardo Vilela

    Black and White Cityscapes by Martin Stavars

  • Bcn

    Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai, China, 2010 - From the project "Megalopolis: Shanghai" by Martin Stavars, London (via #Photography #MartinStavars #Shanghai #Megalopolis

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Crossroads, Shanghai, China, 2010 -

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I love how this picture is presenting in the black and white format. Also when taking it, it was taken at our eye position. This is what we see when we look up. The city is full of tall building, that are as tall as the sky. The cloudy view on top are just like pressure. The pressure that every person have on top of them.

Shanghai, China / photo by Harry Kaufmann

Martin Stavars is a photographer from Czestochowa Poland. He specializes in black and white cityscapes, landscapes and night photography. Most of his photography come from the cities in Asia. Here we present you a great monochromatic cityscapes of Shanghai.

Kładka prawie jak w Rzeszowie :) Megalopolis: Shanghai by Martin Stavars, via Behance

Oriental Pearl, Shanghai, China - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

The Jinmao tower in Shanghai is amazing. 88 stories high because 8 is the lucky number in China. It was a wonderful architectural experience.

Shanghai at night, taken from the 87th floor of the Park Hyatt

The view from the Financial Building in the Pudong. This is the highest skyscraper's observation platform in the world..YIPES!