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water feature that is very similar to what I want, I'm so close....!

Loving the Garden Pond by Chiot's Run

beautiful small pond - nice size. iris' in full sun will grow in it.

Be nice to have a place to escape like this.

So beautiful. I need to take elements of this and make it work in my yard.

How to Create a Wildlife Pond A beautiful wildlife pond will attract a whole host of beneficial animals, birds and insects. Make one with sloping sides, to allow easy access for creatures to come and go, and leafy edges that offer habitat and cover.

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I love this waterfall but would feel guilty using all that water that evaporates, I even turned my frog spout off, we are having such a drought I feel guilty using the water just to look pretty. Also love the sound of the falling water. Maybe next year the rains will come????? Lord are you listening to our plea??

Love this. Going to attempt to make a small pond in our yard this year. YAY

Would love to get my hands on a vintage hand pump like this that still works . . .