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So true. The Redguards in Whiterun pissed me off with their incessant greetings so I killed one with a remarkable bow shot, totally concealed. And sure as *hit every *ucking guard wants to kill me!

I lost Shadowmere today... I'm still very very VERY upset over loosing the best horse in Skyrim :'(

My mission, to attempt to buy Skyrim with the $50 PS Store money I have and play it continuously for the next few weeks. Me gusta mas X)

That moment you first walk into Markarth, and you're jaw just drops, probably the most beautiful city on the map, but also one of the saddest.

Skyrim Hoarders If only that were actually real!

dawnstar, skyrim by scifitographer, via Flickr

windhelm, skyrim by scifitographer, via Flickr

Skyrim logic <-- Strong Winds in Skyrim..

20 hilarious skyrim pictures,glitches,cartoons and memes | Amusing Web

Skyrim logic, all the time, especially when you have a trained Khajiit assassin with sneak level 100 along with archery, illusion and alteration......

Skyrim- I love this game too much

Skyrim blacksmith logic via Reddit user Luke4397