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    Autumn in all its splendor

    Sunrise in Winter

    🌳Up and away🍃

    So beautiful...Brazil

    500 year old candelabra redwoods growing the "enchanted forest" on shady dell in california

    When promise and fury collide

    Striking: Lightning bolts through a cloud over Kaiteur Falls on the Potaro River

    Lightning Strikes & the thunder rolls⚡

    Her ways are wise

    Spring sunrise Badwater Basin in Death Valley, California

    Is nature cool, or what?

    In its midst she grows

    Located on the western edge of the Sahara desert at central Mauritania in northwest Africa, there is a giant circle called Richat Structure, whose diameter ranges as long as 38km. It is made of quartzite.

    The base of an island fans out beneath the surface of Lake Superior in Ontario and disappears to the dark depths of this great lake.

    Amazing white northern lights in Iceland

    “Thirty-nine years of my life had passed before I understood that clouds were not my enemy; that they were beautiful, and that I needed them. I suppose this, for me, marked the beginning of wisdom. Life is short.” ― Iimani David

    Khao Phing Kan is a two-island pair located on the west coast of Thailand, in the Phang Nga Bay, Andaman Sea. Since 1974, when it was featured in the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun, it is popularly called James Bond Island.

    Taum Sauk reservoir in Missouri

    Row, brothers, row, the stream runs fast, / The Rapids are near and the daylight's past.


    Morning glory

    Aerial photograph of Iceland, by Andre Ermolaev

    Eagle cloud

    Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, the most active in the world!

    Beam me up, Scotty. by ArlidHeilmann