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    this would be epic

    • Skittish Kitty

      And then the Doctor walks in and tries to mediate and get things rolling and it's just a nightmare for him.

    • Willow

      Just when they'd FINALLY get the argument resolved then the Doctor would come in and it would start all over again. XD

    • Donna Montgomery

      I would buy a ticket to hear this argument. Now only if they added the Doctor and Shawn spencer. That's a twist!

    • Tara Brown

      Proper grammar would be "an argument AMONGST the five" not BETWEEN but anyway...still funny.

    • Mary Relph

      An argument between these five…I think I would pee my pants laughing ;)

    • Christine Dredge

      /this/ argument would be epic! Just missing Dr. Who.

    • Mallory Preston

      An argument between these five…EPIC!!! #TV #Movies

    • Jordan Morgan

      An argument between these five…would be funny

    • AnnaSofrona .

      Funny stuff

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    Yes please


    i will have Green Tea made of water from the fountain of youth and the "tea leaves" made of $100 bills.



    The first thing I did was compare the arm sizes, as well... If I didn't think I belonged in the Sherlock Fandom before, I sure as heck know now but this is hilarious

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    Haha very true good ol'days

    We're True Friends.

    so true





    Phil of the Future

    So true.

    My favorite Obama pin yet.

    Marathons! LOL yes!