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    waiting until the wedding night...I love this article...this is something my kids must read

    What is the purpose of marriage? What happens when you get married at a young age? Read this encouraging testimony of what God can do in a young marriage!

    someday this will be handy...someday a long time from now

    I look at our beautiful wedding photos all the time, and already know this to be true. A lot of these love quotes say, 'I want,' well, I have... I have married my best friend, I have the person I always searched for, I have the most beautiful marriage, and the most perfect crazy life with you, although, everyday it gets more perfect.

    What Kind Of Wedding Should You Have: I got "a bohemian wedding on the beach. christophernolanp... You’re a free spirit who embraces new experiences with open arms. Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean that your life will stop in its tracks — it’s just that you’ve found someone who loves living as much as you do."

    Are You a Wife that's Easy to Love? Article on how to be a more Christ-like wife.

    Tips for the new couple on their wedding night alone. Something to think about as most people don't include their private time into their wedding plans.

    Marriage Isn’t For You | Seth Adam Smith

    I Can't KEEP CALM, I'm Getting MARRIED #Bride #Shirt -- By #NobullWomanApparel, ON SALE for only $23.74! Click here to buy nobullwoman-appar...

    How to be a Godly wife. Seriously EVERY girl should read this.. married or not.

    A biblical marriage blog...the writer is remarkably mature for her age; I suspect that if all young couples were this mature and self-aware, there would not be such a stigma attached to it!

    my perfect wedding dress.

    Waiting for love

    love it. then a lantern lighting off ceremony afterwards. ♥

    Self-control = strength. I'd never take back waiting until my wedding night. :) If you're waiting, don't give up! Don't become discouraged! You can do it! There are plenty of advantages to waiting. For one thing, you're less likely to end up in divorce. A person that doesn't wait is more likely to cheat on their spouse. Also, sex before marriage breeds distrust. These are just a few advantages of keeping sex inside marriage that aren't often talked about.

    Marriage isn't for you... A must read!!!

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    True love