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The Climb - Ladybug

Do ladybugs build their own home? Ladybugs reside where insect pest populations are high. Such as in crop fields, gardens, and in the canopies of trees. Ladybug or ladybird on a bluebell here.

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Flora, Goddess of Flowers and Spring: How to Attract Ladybugs to Your Yard. Lady bugs are good luck.

Love ladybugs! Bought 100 larvae of them to clean up my acer of lice. Worked very well: after 3 days the tree was clean! In the winter I have clusters of ladybugs hibernating in my house...

Ladybird on a flower Flower girl by Mandy Disher,

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Ladybug at work here

Ladybird on a forget-me-knot by Chris Smart

Ladybird on a forget-me-knot by Chris Smart via Wanda Haynes


tiny white daisy and ladybug DAISIES are my favorite flower!

Photograph Spring lady by Mandy Disher on

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Happy St Patrick’s leaf clover and ladybug

Ladybugs, frogs and bats are the very best pest control, and so lovely to look at.

Cute little ladybugs are quite the predators! A little lion in the garden, to eat the bad guys. ♥ ladybugs ♥Love to see them in my garden.

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Rain and dew drops are a beautiful gift from Nature. They are cold water and warm drops at the same time. In the morning walk we normally see the dew drops […]