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paper sculpture

Cut Paper Sculptures and Illustrations by Elsa Mora

Paper sculptures by Brazilian artist Carlos Meira

paper sculpture

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To create the pentagon patterns and star-like shape, artisans start with lightweight sheets of metal scored into triangles, then fold them like paper and weld them together. The final sculpture is then hand finished in antique brass.

Snow Fall paper sculpture by margo majewska

Private Collection by Carlos Meira, via Behance

Portfolio Book-Cut Sculpture

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Meira’s artistic endeavour began when he joined the printmaking course at the School of Fine Arts at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In early 1990, Carlos moved to Portugal where he developed his unique style of paper sculpture.

PAPER SCULPTURE — Belinda Rodriguez


The food paper sculptures by artist Maria Laura Benavente

Carnival Paper - paper sculptures by Carlos Meira, via Behance

Origami Paper Dress Card

Paper sculpture by Hideharu Naitoh.

This 6 cm bee is a miniature paper sculpture designed and made by myself. For the making of this bee I arranged several little pieces of paper that I carefully cut with a sharp knife and scissors. I gave volume to the pieces by pressing them from the backside with a wooden tool. Then the parts were glued together with acid free glue.