Bamboo lighting, Oita, Japan

trail of lights.beautiful Bamboo lightning, Oita, Japan: photo by comolebi*

Japanese Festivals | Japanese Festival Obon

If you’re on Oahu on Memorial Day, here’s a must-attend. Lantern Floating Hawaii is Honolulu’s version of Toro Nagashi, a Japanese tradition which translates literally as “lantern offerings on water.

Bamboo Lantern Festival, Usuki, Oita, Japan:

Bamboo Lantern Festival, Usuki, Oita, Japan To be able to participate in this

Cherry Blossom Night, Kyoto, Japan

Cherry Blossom Viewing at Night / Hirano-Jinja Shrine, Kyoto // Teruhide Tomori

Kyoto, Japón. Muy hermoso

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Mount Fuji and green tea fields, Shizuoka, Japan

Fuji and Green tea farm, Japan. Daniels, you are so blessed to be able to not only see Mt Fuji anytime you want, but also GREEN TEA FARMS near you.

Mt. Fuji

Beautiful sunrise over Mount Fuji in Japan, by What a great travel destination. I made it to Japan traveling solo but Mt Fuji never looked like this.