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Lady Rose of Downton

Lady Rose: Season Four Downton Abbey

Lady Rose

Lady Rose.

Lady Rose Bows to the Queen

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The newest addition to the Crawley menagerie is Lady Rose, introduced at the tail end of the third season. The wild Crawley cousin appears to have calmed down a little bit. At least, for now, anyway. | U.S. Exclusive: "Downton Abbey" Season 4 Photos

Downton Caricatures Lady Dowager

I have a prediction for season four: Lady Rose is going to try and make a move on Branson. That will be slightly awkward and he will have to be strong an shoot her down because Lady Sybil was his relative and Lady Rose is far too young. Plus, she's ridiculously immature. They might be attracted to each other but Branson will have to be for the wiser as he is older with experience, thus he should be smarter to say no. Just my thoughts.

Ladies of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey - Lady Sybil

Downton Abbey-lady Sybil


Downton Abbey-Lady Mary

Downton Abbey-Lady Edith

Lady Mary and Lady Edith in their evening gowns on Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey ~ Lady Mary

Lady Mary, Downton Abbey


Lady Mary, Downton Abbey