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60's brownie girl scout

I remember this style Brownie scout uniform when I was in second and third grade. It was better looking than the gack green junior scout uniform I wore later on.


Official Brownie Beanie

remember shopping in a downtown Birmingham department store with my mother, list in hand for all the articles that made up my Brownie uniform!

Didn't everyone have these plastic bowls?

Gramma used to give us our snacks in these bowls - Tupperware cereal bowls; I remember these!

Vintage Batons -Real Metal / Rubber Tips. (Seems Like Every Young Girl Took Baton Twirling Lessons In The 1950's-60's)

Baton twirling lessons for my sisters. I never wanted to learn. Kandy became a majorette in high school.

Gum wrapper chains. It was the 60's version of recycling.@Leigh Ann Woody..do you remember making these...you were the one that showed me how..

Starburst Wrapper Bracelet Tutorial made these out of gum wrappers as a kid

Typing class in the 60's

Typing class in high school. The good old manual typewriter. We had 2 manual typewriters and the rest were electric. We had to see each day who was stuck with the manual ones.

Barbie's Country Camper. So 70's. Another one of my favorite toys.

Barbie Camper~ Loved my Barbie Country Camper. I would play with it for hours.

The original footsie

The Footsie was one great toy! Rarely has a toy reemerged over and over again as a hit “new toy” as the Lemon Twist (or Jingle Jump, Footsie, Skip-A-Roo, or Skip It) has done. First introduced in the late as the Footsie toy,

Girl scouts and brownie pins

Brownies and Girl Scout pins."On my honor, I will try; To serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law.my sister Deby was a Girl Scout

Girl Scout Uniform...looks just like mine!  That hideous yellow bow!

Junior girl scouts I was a brownie all through up to senior scouts in high school


Dippity-Doo was slimy but we used it anyway. Hair was stiff after curlers came out. "Set your hair with Dippity-Doo.it's easy to do with Dippity-Doo".

We used to put these on just about anything.

Flower Power stickers, how I remember these on my VW bug

Eso es todo, amigos...

Cartoons on Saturday Morning Speed Buggy! I watched this cartoon on Saturday mornings! One of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon

From the Sears 1973 catalog Yes, we really wore this stuff.  And we thought we were cool.

clothes - bell bottom pants and vests. I remember this I had the plaid pants and the yellow sweater vest.