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Ive been inspired to say hello more, to be more friendly, i mean who knows that person that you might not have ever talked to that you will talk to today could be your future husband or your next bestfriend, or just some great connection futher on in life. Say hello to the strange people in your life. :) and by strange i mean those you dont know, but are soon to get to know!

i bet you're the prettiest at 12 am, when you're scared, and sad, and you just need someone. this is when you're the prettiest because it's when you're the most honest

What a spring time pallette of simply eccentric smiling type!

I saw this on Hijiri's blog heartfish! I'm a zombie before my morning joe. I love the print.

Well I'm all better from yesterday! :) don't feel depressed anymore! Anyway how's everyone today?

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hello everybody go follow my awesome friend she has 47 followers to go until 1.5K so please follow her I would be quite happy if you did!:D

My momma said this over each of us every single night. I want to make this for the boys room. Only different font with vinyl. ♥ ♥