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  • Scott Sorokin

    A Day in the Life of the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC] The Internet is, by most scientific estimates, friggin’ huge. While only about one-third of the world’s population is connected, the amount of data we generate and consume is likely to blow your hair back. Perhaps the best way to put all those petabytes in perspective is to look at what goes down in a single day. How much “stuff” happens on the Internet every 24 hours? Would you believe that people send 294 billion emails are sent? That 2 million blog posts are written? That 864,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube alone? How am I supposed to watch all of that!

  • Jonan Basterra

    Un día en Social Media

  • Luis Alberto Fernández

    A day in the life on the internet #infographic #socialmedia #marketing #fb #in

  • Valeria Landivar

    A day in the Internet - Social Media Infographic

  • Roberto Llovera

    ¿Qué pasa en 1 día en Internet? #socialmedia #marketing #internet

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El grupo de personas jovenes (17-35 anños) se siente más adicto Internet, a pesar de que en realidad pasan menos tiempo que el grupo de personas mayores.

I wish I could say I was on the low end of the curve... I wish "A Day in the Life" would play when you opened this infographic, A Day in the Internet.

As a graphic designer, you have to make use of demographics to establish your target audience and then make your work pleasing. And everything surroundings you can qualify as design inspiration, but let’s face it: we all turn the Almighty Internet to provide us reliable pieces of information fast.

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