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Star Wars - Darth Vader

AT-AT has brought you a present JUST realized that in about 7 years I will make DJ's entire life more awesome by introducing him to Star Wars. - RN

Lord Vader #StarWars this is pretty fucking awesome

I've heard of not liking your kid's friends, but REALLY?!!! You can't just go around blowing up their planets. Vader is such a bad parent!

This needs to be my Christmas card... I find your lack of cheer disturbing. so i printed and made some

Darth Vader, Renaissance Man (Soon you will know the power of the F-sharp...)

It could have been a WHOLE different story... lol

Darth Vader is sad bc he hasn't received his weekly music news and new music update yet! Sign up via or Facebook!

Star Wars Poster Set by cutejungle on Etsy. I want this. Nay-I need this

This is really fun and clever. I like how the typefaces are listed. - MAY THE FORCE {of} typography BE WITH YOU