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antonym chart

I like the idea of an antonym chart. The first like can read: are opposites; then they can make up the antonyms for each letter. (See synonym chart)

Punctuation anchor chart

First Grade Glitter and Giggles: Owl Punctuation--Great idea to use classroom theme (owls) in conjunction with anchor charts and modeled examples! I see myself changing owls to FIREFLIES!

Cause & Effect anchor chart  thefirstgraderoundup.blogspot.com

'How does the weather affect.' Cause and effect of weather. Here's a collaborative water cycle poster making activity and a weather cause and effect printable.

Long Vowel Team Chart | it was actually fun really to study vowel pairs vowel

Creating an anchor chart similar to this will help the visual learner study vowel pairs, vowel digraphs, and diphthongs.

Punctuation and Fluency

Fluency - Anchor chart for voice. Create this anchor chart together in large group to introduce importance of voice in reading fluency .

what is a prediction...connects with other vocab from science and math

Hello Literacy: A Packed Week of Learning - great prediction chart that connects other academic vocabulary


First grade adjective reference poster. We did an anchor chart describing a monster already but this will be good addition. Wonders First grade unit 5 week 2

Great idea for the reading strategy of questioning by lorene

Generating Questions Lesson: Create anchor chart, discuss how asking questions while reading keeps us engaged in the story and betters our comprehension. Next, we take a quick picture walk through a big book st

Anchor Charts - Cause and Effect

Here are a few great anchor charts on Cause and Effect from around the web: From Second Grade Smarty Arties From Room 201 at GCCS.