Television. The way it used to be. The whole family had to all watch the same show and had to get up off the couch to change the channel.

...rotary dial phones

Before cable

1967 TV Trays - a new invention and everyone had them.

Television Antenna

Wood paneling, heavy box TVs that look like a piece of furniture (with clunky dials for VHF and UHF), bunny ear antennas and tchotchkes. :) The good old days!

70's TV Sets this is how we made ice back in the olden days 60's and 70's

the old way to search for a book....been there done that!

If you know what this is, you're getting old

Dallas - TV Series

Only 13 channels

Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom on Sunday nights.

Waltons! Every Thursday night at 7pm.

TV test pattern. Televisions signed off at midnight...for the night!

Console Television - when kids were the remote controls and you only had 3 channels.

Rotary dial phone that hung on the kitchen wall

1970's foods | 1970 s banquet mac cheese tv dinner box 1970 s

All in the Family TV Show

1960's Slinky

concentration game