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turnip jack-o'-lanterns

Turnip Jack-o'-Lanterns -- (Shrunken heads!) Pumpkins aren't the only vegetables worthy of carving. These turnips also make good night watchmen. Hang in a row from the porch rafters, from a lamppost, or anywhere else a pumpkin won't fit.

Photo: Brian H. / youroldhouse.thisoldhouse.com | thisoldhouse.com | from 2010 Pumpkin-Carving Contest Winners

2010 Pumpkin-Carving Contest Winners

You showed us your brilliant Halloween handiwork. Then you helped us award the top jack-o'-lantern prize. Here are the finalists for our Pumpkin Carving Contest

Your Best Halloween Costumes | Martha Stewart

Your Best Halloween Costumes

Yip-Yips from "Sesame Street" - Muppet-like fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. The Yip-Yips' eyeballs are made from Styrofoam and the antennae from pipe cleaners. Inside the costumes are foam hats that make the heads a bit pointy and t.

Rain Cloud Halloween Costume - Just add raincoat

Rain Cloud Halloween Costume - Just add raincoat