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Hah ... I like the fact that My home has the Guiness Record for the most zombies.

Zombieland Rules For Survival: Cardio Double Tap Beware of Bathrooms Seatbelts Don’t be a Hero Limber Up When in Doubt Know your Way Out Check the Back Seat Enjoy the Little Things

Amaris Todd you would not believe all the babysitting episodes I have had that ended with me thinking that....

Pinstrosity: Pinterest Has Everything

zombie apocalypse funny pictures

What's funny about this to me is that this is how I feel on the INSIDE when I AM the Mom very calmly repeating herself on the outside.

Thanks Lindsay for sharing this one, it cracks me up. I am pretty sure people think we Mormons are Zombies!

Never store salt in metal containers. Salt leaches metals and/or elements out of the metal. You could wind up with a poisonous substance in your salt.

#Prepper - How and Why to Store Salt. This article is informative in the way of different types of salt, how well the salt stores. The benefits of storing salt are numerous. One benefit is that it is a valuable item for barter.