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A leisurely trip through Victoria’s Black Spur Drive will have you seeing the world’s tallest flowering trees – The Eucalyptus Regnans. :: The Black Spur is a road between the towns of Healesville and Marysville in Victoria, Australia.

Coco — maureen2musings: Squam Lake mblockk

Coco — maureen2musings: Squam Lake mblockk

Bamboo Path, Kyoto, Japan Breathtaking Magical Tunnels Around The World - Always in Trend | Always in Trend

Green bamboo on the left, green bamboo on the right, green bamboo everywhere, lots of it. Green dream called Sagano bamboo forest (located near Kyoto, Japan)

Portofolio Fotografi Landscape - Nature Photography by Oer-Wout  #LANDSCAPEPHOTOGRAPHY

Landscape Photography by Netherlands based photographer Oer Wout. - posted under Beautiful Photography tagged with: Landscapes & Scenery, Plants & Nature, Sky, Waterscapes by Fribly Editorial

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland  photo via bottlestars

The Dark Hedges, Antrim, Ireland I would love to take a walk down this road in the fall.

Sunset in a poppy field--France

Poppies - Come in many varieties. Some are wildflowers like the tall red ones shown in the picture while the California Poppy is low growing and orange in color.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota, USA.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial South Dakota, USA By Alika L-R: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.