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Strawberry Shortcake blow kiss baby dolls. I remember getting the grown up doll that had hair instead of yarn for hair. They were rare and I have no idea why!

Strawberry Shortcake blow kiss baby dolls- One of my earliest toys. You could squeeze her and she would "breathe" out a strawberry scent. I still have her and she still gives off a stale strawberry scent lol

<3 Strawberry Shortcake.

Strawberry Shortcake and her cat Custard - I loved the smell of her hair! To this day, I remember it.mmm, strawberry scented shampoo will do!

Art . old-school

Exclamation perfume, oh yes I loved this! A must have in the 80

There's another more recent…maybe 60's version of this I wish I still had.

Old Maid card game. Grandma had this too.loved playing card games with Grandma.

Lem & Ada Twins Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Lem & Ada Twins Dolls with Sugar Woofer Dog Pet

These vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls are the twins Lem and Ada with their pet dog, Sugar Woofer. They're Strawberry Shortcake's International Friends and are baby characters, so they're smaller than Strawberry Shortcake!

Cabbage patch dolls!

The ever so loved Cabbage Patch Doll. I had 3 of them up untill only years ago. My daughters wanted nothing to do with them :P

<b>Let's be honest, you still want that Glitter N' Gold Jem doll.</b>

Monchhichi Dolls