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Always a fan of bleeding hearts, maybe can work if right color? LOVE these colors. [This appears to be a variation of a bleeding heart.

50 Blue Daisy hardy plants flower seeds exotic ornamental flowers

50 Blue Daisy hardy plants flower seeds exotic ornamental flowers

Product Type: Bonsai Use: Outdoor Plants Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy Full-bloom Period: Summer Type: Blooming Plants Flowerpot: Excluded Location: Courtyard Function: Air Purification Siz

Astrantia major - Masterwort produces many small, ivory flowers that are flushed pink and bloom continuously throughout the summer and fall, wafting a sweet scent. Care: Masterwort prefers part shade and rich, medium to wet soil. It grows best in soil that is not allowed to dry out and in areas with cooler summer nights.

Pink Astrantias - prefer shade and grow in zones - Ht. depends on the species - Slugs don't like Astrantias so inter-planting them among your other shade plants tends to repel them.

Calico flower. Aristolochia littoralis (calico flower, elegant Dutchman's pipe) is a species of evergreen deciduous vine belonging to the Aristolochiaceae family. Order: Piperales Family: Aristolochiaceae Genus: Aristolochia Species: A. littoralis

Calico Flower - Aristolochia littoralis or Aristolochia elegans This was the vine at our house on Webster, cool blossom like a pitcher plant

Oh my, I do not know what flower this is but it is one of my favorites. Anyone know?

White & yellow Philippa Craddock Flower arrangement Autumn flower arrangement for wedding ceremony Incredible color!

Flor de cerejeiras. Também lembram às flores do pé de pera.

Field of tulips, Woodburn, Oregon "Dreamy Blossom" ©Zoe Power lanterns on the ocean so beautiful


Estas Flores Exóticas Têm Cores e Formas Impressionantes!