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I find abandoned places somewhat beautiful. The history and stories that only these walls are left to remember.

Amazing how nature will always take back what was originally its to begin with.

storm approaching; I have never see a formation like this, at least not from this angle.

Perseverance Photograph by James B Wheeler, via Flickr. Photographer states, "I'm curious to know if the old Cunningham House or this wonderful old tree stood first. Maybe the tree was planted after the house was built? Either way, I hope they both continue to stand proudly for many years to come. Located in Allamakee County, Iowa."

Storms Approach - Photo by PhilKoch

We had such great light during sunset over the lavender fields in Provence. From storms to rainbows then hot pink skies.

Lightning storm, wash away the tears and the trouble...

"Haunted" is one of those old deserted houses that pepper the countryside in a form of rural decay. It seems I take a photo of them and soon after they are torn down, fall down, or catch fire. It makes me sad but I like to think that they were waiting for me to save them forever in a photo before they let go of this life. $90 @judeMcConkeyPhotos on Etsy.

Splash! That's a big one. But what are these people talking about?

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