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1978 JVC 3100R Video Capsule Television/Radio

Sony turntable

Bang & Olufsen in 1939


Vintage radios #jorgenca

braun reciever

AKAI GX-646 by Ilya Kulikov, via Behance

Crosley Radio 'Collegiate' Turntable | Nordstrom

Jonathan (Jony) Ive, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple, is a good friend of our new pal Dieter Rams, and takes inspiration from Braun's minimalist aesthetic and focus on function. The examples illustrate the similarities in design thinking and, in most cases, a homage to fifty years of design innovation by Braun.

braun <3

Telefunken Radio Ketty, Germany,1970s.



Dieter Rams

Philips AE2800/12 - Radio portable Product Design #productdesign

The new minimalistic Solid Ho clock by Paula Collective exhibits the time in an unorthodox manner, by replacing the standard numerals we all love and depend to geometric shapes. The twelve shapes gradually transform and evolve from a tetrahedron to a dodecahedron stellata. Now when you’re late you can apologize for ‘being a square.’

Crosley Radio 'Player' Turntable available at #Nordstrom