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    Peace, Love & Understanding: Chili Dog Casserole

    • Kristi Miller-Fisher

      Chili Dog Casserole - Tortilla Wrapped Hot Dogs, covered with Chili and Cheese. This recipe is so ridiculous, I just might make it.

    • Vanessa Pryor

      Chili Dog Casserole- doesnt take you to the recipe (i hate that!), but it looks easy enough. hotdogs wrapped in tortillas smothered in chili (canned or leftover home made) topped with cheese. will be great for if i ever have kids.

    • Melissa Cissell

      Peace, Love & Understanding: Chili Dog Casserole We lined the tortillas with queso cheese and wrapped the hot dogs in it but other than that we followed the recipe.

    • Tiffany Stern

      Chili Dog Casserole - a meal with hot dogs, chili, cheese and tortillas; 30 minutes-if only Damion would eat hotdogs...

    • Tami Wycoff

      Chili Dog Casserole ::Yum! (I'm a huge fan of chili dogs to begin with). there is a recipe link that looks pretty easy. but....i am going to make these using my own coney dog chili recipe and, of course, eckrich hot dogs! can't wait to try this one with some homemade shell macaroni salad.....

    • Dale Eggett

      Chili Dog Casserole. Chili (recipe calls for 2 cans), hot dogs in tortillas, and cheese. What more could a guy want?

    • Jesskya Bellan

      Chili Dog Casserole. My family liked it, I thought it was ok. I'm not a fan of hot dogs, but I would sure eat this because it's the easiest recipe I have EVER seen!

    • Living Life

      Chili Dog Casserole -- This recipe is exactly what you think it is: an easy, cheesy casserole with hot dogs, chili and beans. Description from I searched for this on

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