• Heddy's Momma

    scratches off dishes Also from Pinterest- Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser and powdered cleanser will remove scratches from dishes. According to the lovely over at Outnumbered the blog, it took her plain white dishes from old to new again. All she did was apply a bit to a wet sponge and use some elbow grease, and they look fantastic!

  • Melanie Anne

    How to Remove Scratch Marks from Dishes. Good. I hate scratched dishes.

  • connie tuli

    55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks - Use Bar Keepers Friend from Ace to remove scratches on plates

  • Leslie Wedel

    Remove scratch marks from dishes with Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser. I need this so badly for my white plates!

  • Jennifer McHaffie

    How to Remove Scratch Marks from Dishes Almost 18 years ago, as a wedding gift, I got simple, plain white dishes. I love them. They go with all of the plain white serving platters and bowls I've collected over the years. For the last 10 years, they've been covered in scratch marks from my silverware. I tried scrubbing them with baking soda like Heloise said I should. Nothing. I tried the Magic Eraser. Not so magical. I was ready to buy new dishes. I decided to stop in at our local Ace Hardware. The helpful clerk suggested I try Barkeepers Friend. I applied the Liquid Bar Keepers Friend with a damp sponge and a little elbow grease. For the really tough scratches, I added a bit of the powdered version and applied a little more elbow grease. The results speak for themselves.

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