If he pointed that smelly disease ridden hooker finger at me, I would've broken it off and shoved it down his throat. Liar and a cheat. She was an idiot for being with him.

The Ghost And Mrs. Muir (1968-70) TV series based on the 1947 movie with Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney. The TV version stars Hope Lange as Mrs. Muir and Edward Mulhare as Capt. Daniel Gregg. Carolyn Muir, her two kids and housekeeper Martha move into a seaside cottage in New England. The former owner, Captain Gregg died a hundred years ago and haunts the place. She and her son can see and hear him. His relative Claymore also sees and hears him.

Anne Boleyn facial reconstruction, THIS is so very fascinating. It is amazing to be able to put a face to such an infamous person in History.

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