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Sophie bedroom? artwork girl with coloured floral headband - Google Search

Here for your perusal is a highly creative photograph of "Waiting for the President". It was created in 1922. The photo illustrates Young girl seated on the White House steps with a camera by her side. We have compiled this collection of photographs mainly to serve as a valuable educational resource. Contact

The fight for gun rights is a legal battle. And a political struggle. But make no mistake: the fight for firearms freedom is, at its root, a culture war. As long as the culture accepts the idea that guns are bad, that the peopleRead More

io9from io9

One Weird Trick For Cutting Down Your Novel

Space babe with ray gun.

Cyberpunk, Future Girl, Futuristic Look, Girl Warrior, Girl with Gun, Sci-Fi Girl, Dawnstar: Alicia by ~ionen on deviantART