8-minute yoga routine to fall asleep faster

8 Minute Yoga for Better Sleep

8-Minute Workout: Yoga for Better Sleep Forget counting sheep. The moves will relax your body and mind, but the best part is that you can do them all in bed! #sleep #yoga #exercise

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Did this bedtime yoga routine last night and slept like a log ... let's see if it works.

Do this routine before every shower: 50 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 mountain climbers, and 30 second plank. So worth it

Bedtime Yoga Routine

Yoga Poses You Can Do in Bed. Great when you can't fall asleep or to gently wake your mind up in the morning.

Enjoy yoga practice anywhere with your Yoga Cards, a simple visual guide for all levels: http://WLshop.co

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