How I look when I go jogging.

omg hahaha i think i'm probably the only teenage girl in the world who was looking at the guy with his arms up wondering how that affects his swimming and not understanding the joke nor looking at the other guys lol



hahaha soooo true when you're asked to "partner up" in anything and you have a friend there.

Happened all the time

Pretty much...

Dumbledory. This is so clever

I wish we could do this all the time!

mulan :)

exactly how I feel...

oh boy

So true

Pretty much

pretty little liars problems..

yeah, done that


Nathan Adrian is a olympic gold medalist, just graduated from Cal with honors, and he wants to be a doctor. MARRY ME. *swoons*

it's true my hair eats things all the time

I know a few people like this. Haha