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Yes! Then they won't buy them back and on the rare occasion that they do it's for 1% of what you paid for them.

brilliantly sarcastic answers to stupid questions. don't mind if i do.

Hahaha seriously, once that needle goes down a tad I'm like 'better take it easy on the trips' haha :)

RIGHT???!!! Stephanie Close Austin, Brittany Horton Andersen and Christina Childress Lesinski

Nothing like looking over and noticing you have 5 minutes till you're late and a heat attack to start the day.

Haha, I especially love the new hair poses

TODAY: 1. Go to pinterest to look up that one recipe. 2. OMG I have to pin everything! 3. Bake nothing.

250 Funny Reasons You Know You're A Nurse #Nurse #humor

Nursing- in honor of my friend Kenzie getting into nursing school. You need to know these lol