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  • Tery L

    Amazing Dolls of Marina Bychkova. Her work is inspired.

  • Sage O'Connor

    Agnetha - The Other Woman, 2007, by Marina Bychkova. Porcelain, ball-Jointed, one of a kind. China-painted features and body blush. 13.5” tall. Completed in 210 hours. Removable costume. Agnetha is based on a fictional character of the Princess, from Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid.

  • Claudia Case

    Marina Bychkova's dolls. She does everything from making the dolls, the clothing, the shoes, the jewelry and all the details that go into everything. This is grail doll

  • Sabrina Collins

    Marina Bychkova Enchanted Doll Agnetha

  • Jennifer Tucker

    Agnetha art doll from Enchanted Doll

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"Agnetha" by Marina Bychkova of Articulated porcelain and unparalleled detail!

This doll site is not to be believed ... the doll, the pictures, the art...I love Pinterest it reveals so much to me that I would have never discovered on my own...

"Surviving" - Doll dedicated to breast cancer survivors. I love how unabashedly revealing this work is.

Gorgeous Cinderella doll. Considering the price of one of these dolls (at €18,000), I do not think this is any cheaper. Still very beautiful.

Enchanted doll Banshee Material trials. 13.5” tall Materials: Articulated, porcelain, china painted, original cast sterling silver crown 42.7g (1.5oz). Gown is a dye sublimation print on polyester, made from a digital photograph of original beadwork.

Marina Bychkova - Porcelain Dolls 06. This seems to me to be the "Sulamith Wulfing" of dolls. So introspective and ornamental.

Tattoos - Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova Tattooed Dolls In all the tattoos, the porcelain is engraved with a needle while still raw, fired and then china paint is rubbed into the grooves. Accents are added in additional layers.

Enchanted Doll porcelain BJD. A serious grail by Marina Bychkova. Her dolls are just amazing works of art.

The Shape Shifter (Mammalius Kinesis) 2009 Sold Materials: Sterling Silver, Bronze, Porcelain, China paint, Natural Mohair, steel springs, leather, glass. Mammalius Kinesis, also known as a Shape Shifter is a rare and ancient species of highly evolved mammals that have a unique and a very specialized ability to completely reconfigure their molecular structure to mimic the appearance and characteristics of any animate or inanimate object, hence the name Shape Shifter.

Imperial Concubine - Marina Bychkova - Art Dolls