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    How the Heck Did He Write Up There? #humor

    • Daniel Vu

      school classroom physics teacher college quantum physics chalkboards equation A Serious Man professor - Wallpaper (#645549) /

    • Becky Gulledge

      teacher in front of chalkboard science college chalkboard funny | HD 1920x1200 Room Class School Classroom Teacher Blackboard College X ...


      7 Classes Freshmen Could Actually Use. The last one is totally life-needed!!bOp8CJ #college #funny #humor #classes #courses

    • Stephanie Reith

      "Well-meaning teachers who depended on lecturing to convey information often short-circuited their own attempts to generate class discussions, turning them into 'oral quizzes, guess-my-conclusion games, or bristling silences' (306)" (633).

    • Celeste McGhee

      Teacher School Classroom | 1305675722 room class school classroom teacher blackboard college ...

    • Shay

      OH YES!! This is exactly what our Physics professor does! Pinned to show Racheal in class lol

    • Brian Guo

      A Serious Man chalkboards classroom college equation wallpaper (#645549) /

    • Set For College

      Blackboard of a college physics class... I'm switching classes.

    • Lovelyish

      Would You Take One Of These Quirky College Classes? | lovelyish

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