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Titanic’s 10,500 square foot first-class dining saloon was the largest room on the ship. It seated 532 passengers at once.

from NY Daily News

ROBERT HICHENS (Crew) - Photos - Take a look at the faces of Titanic passengers & crew

This photo of Katie Gilnagh (seated) and her sister Mary Boshell was taken after Gilnagh survived the sinking of the Titanic. Katie's mother in Ireland would not believe that Katie survived unless she saw a photo of her with Mary (who was already living in New York City). So the sisters had this photo made to prove to their mother that Katie had indeed survived.

Titanic's Interior I never realized how rich the interiors were. Also, it's interesting that there's such a difference between classes.

Titanic's First Class Smoking room.The decor of the great ship was Queen Ann,Old Dutch,Louis XIV,Empire Italian Renaissance,Georgian and Regence.It took 10 months to decorate the ship.

from Mail Online

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3rd Class, or Steerage passengers enjoyed a bit of luxury as well. Not as nice as 1st or 2nd Class, but, in most cases, much nicer than they were used too. 3rd class Lounge