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  • Darcelle Geddes

    Funny stuff! Not American in the least, but, I still like what this guy has going.

  • ered3

    He did not kill Osama, Seal Team Six did. He did not topple Gaddafi, the people of Libya did that. He did not not screw up a hurricane, I have no idea how it is even possible to "screw up a hurricane". He also did not prevent the 2nd Great Depression. We have been in the worst recession since the Great Depression and I believe it was caused by his lack of leadership. And he has never brought me doughnuts .

  • Ryan Preston

    Let's see... -US Navy Seals killed Osama -toppling Gaddafi doesn't end all strife -there hasn't been a hurricane and even so no one person can be responsible for hurricane relief -we're not totally out of the depression woods yet AND Dunkin' Donuts are gross. Krispy Kreme is where it's at. That is all.

  • Cassidy Galyon

    DIY headband

  • Elizabeth Lyon

    YOU didn't kill Osama, the Navy Seals did. YOU didn't topple Gaddafi, the Libyan people did. Don't use a natural disaster to get what you want. YOU didn't prevent anything, we would still have a 2nd Depression. AND I don't want your donuts, I want YOU out of office. THANK YOU.

  • Ally

    if you can't laugh at the stuff most people yell about... then I'm glad I'm not you.

  • Tanisha White

    People need to give him a break. He can't fix me some Barack Obama

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