"But Mr. Krabs, he was number one!"

Which SpongeBob Character Are You? That’s YOUR hat, Mr. Krabs. YOU WERE NUMBER ONE! There will NEVER be another number one. You are the only one allowed to wear that hat. Others can just ear wear Foxy Grandpa. They’re Foxy, anyway.

Spongebob! Back when it was funny!

This is my favorite moment of spongebob

Krusty krab pizza



Due dates: | 33 Things Everyone That Went To High School Will Understand. Sitting in class right now trying not to get caught laughing. These are so true!

Kenan tried it, and it really does work!

Sponge Bob Watercolor Art


Mr. Krabs was born in 1942, which makes him 71 years old. / 19 Things You Might Not Know About "SpongeBob SquarePants" (via BuzzFeed)

Awesome photos for writing prompts...then I thought of rock bottom in one of the Spongebob Squarepants episodes

An awesome quote from Mr. Krabs


Wow I actually never noticed that.

A few things I've realized since being in college...

Do whatever it takes to impress the people you want to impress. | The 23 Wisest Things Spongebob Ever Said


Ah yes, Mr. Krabs, setting good examples for our children