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This comic perfectly represents what rape culture is to me. It's the idea that women can't wear anything without being rudely "catcalled", as people call it, or go out at night for fear of being assaulted. I think cultures that are hugely patriarchal, such as the U.S. and middle eastern countries, and how kids are raised allow this type of culture to continue and suppress feminism.

It's terrible that we as a society refuses to take responsibility and guide the way in healing a rape victim. Instead society teaches victim shaming. This creates a false illusion that it is the victim's fault for what happened to him/her.

Rapists are the cause of rape. What a woman wears, says, drinks or does is not a factor. The common factor in all cases of rape is the presence of a rapist.

Rape culture. However, I think this ties in with basic safety (muggings etc.) as well. As women, we automatically feel vulnerable and as a potential target wherever we are.

Acceptance of rape culture starts while we're young - this is so important to teach our children and others what to tolerate.

This in every way is wrong. Its the fact that they refuse to acknowledge that the women was raped and then they drawn attention to saying it was her fault that he got HIV+ and saying that women should wear something that lets them know they're HIV+. This is rape culture.

What most people don’t know is that most rapes don’t happen when women are wearing provocative clothing. Most rapes happen by people you know when you least expect it and what can we say then? Nothing just like we shouldn’t excuse the act of another individual because we think it was the victims fault.

If a man can't control himself in the presence of women then perhaps he needs to be neutered and out in a leash.

This is rape culture, sold to us by every media form since the Bible. (yes, I'm sure you could cite even earlier yet that book is the "moral guidepost" that makes this so easily ingrained from babyhood.) It's a violent, ridiculous, false moral, construct.

feministcrixus: symphony-of-a-survivor: The voices of rape culture. Tying in with my post on this of yesterday. Don’t wear your hair down is another one.